Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unspeakably Dirty Laundry Piles up at Primal Quest

By now we've all heard the Primal Quest catch phrases and buzz words. It's a 500 mile expedition. Even the fastest teams will take six days to finish. Those facts are difficult to wrap your mind around. Here's one that's much easier to understand, because like you, PQ athletes put their pants or bike shorts on one leg at a time.

These athletes didn't bring six pairs of bike shorts. They didn't bring six moisture-wicking T-shirts. Even if they did bring six pairs of socks, they burned through those long ago in efforts to save their feet from certain disaster.

So six days into Primal Quest, team support crews are dealing with piles of unspeakably dirty laundry. Imagine the nastiest thing you have ever smelled, multiply it by your favorite large number, and you start to catch a whiff of what's developing here.

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