Sunday, June 29, 2008

Merrell/Zanfel Adventure to Finish Primal Quest Today

Today team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure will finally cross the finish line of Primal Quest Montana. The expedition-style adventure race began at Big Sky Resort on the morning of Monday, June 23, and, for Merrell/Zanfel Adventure at least, will end right where it started, some time this afternoon, on Sunday, June 29.

The team has endured 500 miles of multiple mountain hikes, multiple mountain bike rides, rock climbing, rope climbing, orienteering, rappelling, whitewater kayaking and even whitewater swimming. Through it all, team members Robyn Benincasa, John Jacoby, Travis Macy and Aaron Prince have been forced to work together at all times, as a team, to complete the course. This was their first race together. They now have a bond so tight, it's difficult to comprehend.

Support crew members Jeff Akens and Ryan Floth have set up and torn down camp for their team a dozen times. Many former racers who work as support crew say that crewing is only slightly easier than actually competing in the race. Watching Jeff and Ryan in action, I believe it. Many nights they only got a few hours of sleep. Their endurance was astounding.

I expect my next post will show a very happy team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure at the finish line.

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