Friday, June 27, 2008

Merrell/Zanfel Crew Chief Jeff Akens Knows What's What

Jeff Akens, support crew chief for adventure racing team Merrell/Zanfell Adventure at Primal Quest Montana, is a man in the know. He knows where his team is, where they're headed next, and where he'll see them after that. Confidence oozes from the man. He's even got a clever T-shirt that declares his certainty. It's a giveaway from watchmaker Suunto. It has their company logo on the front, and on the back, it tells anyone who sees Jeff to "Follow Me. I Know Exactly What I'm Doing." I can vouch for that.

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Steve Sisler said...

Jeff Akens is definitely “Mr. Organization” when it comes to supporting the Merrell/Zanfel Adventure race team. As was stated in a previous post, he has placed a lot of time and energy into planning for ALL of the needs of the team…right down to supplying requested Haagen Daz for a very deserving team captain.

Jeff and Ryan operate as a finely tuned watch, as everything just seems to flow when the team arrives at the TA. Way to go guys! I have enjoyed watching you guys in action and appreciate being able to help.

There are just two more TA’s to supply. And then this event will be a wrap. I know you both will then appreciate some well deserved quality shut eye in an actual bed along with a hot shower!

Steve Sisler