Thursday, June 26, 2008

Benincasa Love Interest Not Surprised She's Powering Through Primal Quest

Jeff Akens, made famous by my earlier "Mushy Squshy Love" blog post here at Primal Quest Montana, keeps getting asked the same question over and over about girlfriend and team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure Captain Robyn Benincasa: How is her hip?

Here's why that matters. Not even one year ago, Robyn had hip resurfacing surgery. Not a full hip replacement. Just a hip resurfacing. She's been adventure racing seriously for more than a decade, and last year, her hip finally let her know it was no longer going to tolerate constant overuse.

Robyn's first race back after surgery was a staged ultra run in February 2008 called Racing the Planet: Vietnam. She ran that event with teammates from her new non-profit, the Project Athena Foundation. Robyn appeared to get through that week-long Southeast Asian trail race just fine. Primal Quest, though, this is a whole other animal. Much more elevation gain, no planned overnight rest stops. If overuse is the lurking danger that could re-injure for Robyn's hip, Primal Quest Montana will absolutely deliver it. That's why everyone keeps asking Jeff about Robyn's hip. And he's got a great answer. So great, in fact, I'll make it a direct quote:

"She beat her hip into submission. That's her M.O. She just keeps on beating on problems until they go away."


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